Napkin Dispenser

We don’t just provide napkin dispensers, we provide information dispensers!  Dining Services purchases XpressNaps by Tork. XpressNaps are 90% post consumer recycled paper and dispense one at a time to help reduce waste.

Our XpressNap dispensers also provide window space for your advertisement or campus announcement. And the best part is that we currently make this space available for free  to UAF departments and student organizations. Information on scheduling and printing instructions is provided on this page.

Advertisement Schedule

Advertising Policies

Advertising on our napkin dispensers is free for UAF departments and groups.  The following policies allow us to provide this service.

By registering your advertisement to the calendar, you/your department agrees to the following :

  • Creation, printing and distribution of materials is at your/your department’s cost.
  • Dining Services and NMS are not held liable for lost, stolen or damaged advertising material.
  • Dining Services will always use one side of the dispenser for our marketing material. The one side of the dispenser is available for your marketing.
  • The side of the dispenser that UAF Dining Services is not using is available to the first registrant on the calendar.
  • If a department/individual has registered to display material at the same time you wish to display yours, you must contact that department directly.
  • If there are any disputes (such as one department/individual removing materials from another department/individual) this dispute shall be between those parties.
  • Unless a representative of your department collects marketing materials from the dispensers after the end of your reservation, the material may be discarded.
  • Please be courtesy on do not reserve more than 30 days at a time, there are many people that wish to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Dining Services reserves the right to, at its sole discretion and determination, remove advertising that contains messages of hate, discrimination, threats, adult content or any material which causes discomfort to our guests, employees or vendors.
  • Dining Services reserves the right to terminate or modify the advertising program at any time without notice.
  • Dining Services and its contractors, vendors and agents are not responsible for the messages on the napkin dispensers. We ask that anyone using this space exercise responsibility in the messages in the advertisements.

Reserve Space for Your Advertisement

Reserving space is easy with our Google Calendar. Log in to your Google Apps @ UA Calendar and follow these four steps.

  • Click on “Create Event.”
  • Enter the event information such as “UAF Event 33″ on the event details page
  • Select the dates you wish to use the dispensers and check “All Day”
  • In the “Description” box, provide your contact information (direct or departmental). Reservations that do not have contact information will be deleted.
  • Enter the calendar’s email address,,  in the “Guests” field
  • Click “Save” and send the invitation.
  • The calendar will only accept requests for dates that are not already booked.

Creating and Distributing Your Advertisement

Advertisements should be 6-1/2×4 inches and can be printed on any stock paper. We recommend a lighter stock such as 20-24 lb as there is no benefit to using heavy stock such as card stock. We recommend using colored or bright white paper to attract attention.

To insert an ad into the tabletop containers, press in on the sides (short sides) of the napkin dispenser and pull up at the top. Your ad can be slid between the wall and the clear window. Close the dispenser clearly and admire the ad.

If you wish to use the upright napkin dispensers the insert size is 5-1/4×8 inches (vertical orientation). You may need to tape your advertisement into the dispenser. Please use a non-residue leaving tape, such as Magic Tape. Tape can generally be found at our cash register stations upon request.

You are responsible for the insertion of your own ads.

Please do not remove another advertisement unless the date they have requested the space for has passed.

Use only ONE SIDE of the napkin dispensers for your advertisements.  The other side is reserved for Dining Services announcements and events. Any violations will be removed from both sides.

Location Tabletop Dispensers Upright Dispensers
Dine Forty-nine 100 0
M3 Café 4 1
West Ridge Café 25 1
Campus Cache 5 1
CTC Polar Perk 5 1
Arctic Java 20 0